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Community Developed / Community Improved

Problem: Individual classroom teachers, curriculum authors, or higher education researchers develop many instructional science resources (demonstrations, labs, assessments) in isolation from one another. Rarely do these groups come together to collaboratively develop content, resulting in a gap between theory and practice.

Solution: 3Ring brings the science education community together to join both theory and practice.  3Ring content will not be designed for teachers—it will be designed with teachers and by teachers and other science education stakeholders as well. 3Ring will gather expert teachers, curriculum developers, and higher education researchers to collaboratively develop content for 3Ring.

These editorial teams will develop standards and research based science instructional resources, which teachers can easily implement. Experts in differentiation and cross-disciplinary extensions will provide easy ways to customize the content to meet student needs. Through editorial approaches, 3Ring will develop a comprehensive scope and sequence for K12 science in which 3Ring can be used as a textbook replacement.  All 3Ring content will be Open Educational Resources that are Creative Commons licensed.

Problem: Much of the instructional content on the Internet is static and has been rarely improved based on user feedback and research.

Solution: 3Ring content will be iteratively improved based on teacher feedback and educational research. As educators use learning resources within 3Ring, they can provide detailed feedback on what worked and what did not for their students. Furthermore, teachers can provide suggestions to improve content. Through the collaborative, editorial team approach, 3Ring will annually review feedback to make improvements to the content. This approach honors the voice of the teacher and helps improve learning for all students.

Comprehensive Content / Comprehensive Support

Problem: Many online resources offer learning activities, assessments, or teacher content knowledge, but do not work to integrate these together. These resources are scattered throughout the Internet leaving teachers to fill in many gaps.

Solution: 3Ring will provide educators a one-stop place for all of their instructional needs to develop coherent lessons and units.  3Ring uses a research-based learning cycle approach and active learning activities in which students do science to learn science in hands on, hearts on and minds on ways. The comprehensive content items within 3Ring reflect the research and practice base for teaching science.

Problem: Online resources currently provide little background knowledge support for teachers aligned with their activities. Active learning approaches can be very difficult to implement and require educators to have a deep understanding of the subject matter and how to teach it.

Solution: 3Ring will provide comprehensive support for teacher content knowledge and teacher pedagogical (teaching) knowledge aligned to specific topics and standards.  3Ring will provide teachers to an up-to-date set of knowledge directly related to their teaching.  3Ring will also provide comprehensive support for implementing instructional activities such as providing teachers video clips of lessons in practice.

Supported Guidance / Supported Flexibility

Problem: While teachers may find instructional resources online, there is little or no support to help integrate what they find into their lessons and units. This can lead to challenges in developing coherent instruction for students.

Solution: Just like online tax software guides you through same process an expert tax preparer would take you through, 3Ring will provide a step by step approach that guides teachers through steps that an experienced curriculum developer would take. 3Ring allows teachers to select the lesson topic; build their own understanding of the concept through multimedia resources; find out students’ common misconceptions about the concept; choose assessments for student learning; and, finally, select and customize active learning activities appropriate for their students. 3Ring will also be designed to easily integrate into a learning management system such as Moodle or be able to provide custom editable documents for teachers.

Problem: Scripted curricular approaches found in many textbooks do not provide teachers enough flexibility to meet their students’ needs.

Solution: At 3Ring, we believe that the teacher is the instructional leader of the classroom who knows their students the best.  We want to honor the teacher as the instructional leader by providing the guided flexibility without overwhelming them. As teachers go through the process of developing lessons, teachers will have 3 choices. They will be able to choose from 3 different learning activities, say to help students apply Newton’s Laws of Motion. Additionally, teachers will have options to differentiate and extend learning of each activity. For example, if a teacher would like to integrate educational technology, they will have 3 different options to do so.

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