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As 3Ring project staff have visited with hundreds of educational stakeholders, including beginning and experienced science teachers, policy makers, higher educators, professional developers, business leaders and others, we have received overwhelming support for this idea.

Here are a few of the comments we’ve received. 

3-Ring has the potential to fulfill multiple needs in the field of science education. At the classroom level, it provides instructors with standards-based lesson plans that promote best practices and differentiated material. At the leadership level, it offers principals and curriculum leaders with quality materials to model best practices, inquiry based instruction, and STEM integration in staff development sessions. Regardless of its use, 3-Ring is certain to succeed in enriching student learning in science.

Kelly Prusak
Middle School Science Teacher
avatarAn excellent science curriculum has been the holy grail of motivated science teachers--certainly it has been my dream these last 20 years. The best text books don't come close. Websites with tens of thousands of reusable learning objects donated by thousands of science teachers is a great and diverse source of material, but... What I really need is a simple tool that scaffolds the assembly of a robust, high quality curriculum on whatever core content I need. I need 3ring!

David Gross
High School Science Teacher and Ph.D. Candidate
avatarSince I entered the high school science classroom after my Ph.D, I had unrealistic expectations. Trying to create a daily lesson with research-based strategies nearly killed me. The 3Ring review process is excellent and moves beyond the one editor approach. I will look forward to these resources!

Esther Dale
High School Science Teacher
I like that it enables new teachers to find lessons that are tried and effective, especially on topics that are difficult to plan. It also allows for the personalization of the teacher, which is wonderful.

Pre-Service Science Teacher
The activities are a great resource to refer to when a teacher is starting from scratch.

Pre-Service Science Teacher
I love how it is pretty much infinitely customizable. You are not restricted to a single, reformatted lesson. You can add and remove elements from the lesson plan that you do or do not like

Pre-Service Science Teacher
It will provide some way to get QUALITY material from the Internet without wasting hours looking through very bad materials

Pre-Service Science Teacher
It is a great way to link standards and objectives to effective lessons, which is the whole idea behind lesson planning. So the idea of it is perfect.

Pre-Service Science Teacher